Job Name Bid Due Date Location Sub-Contractors Due Date Files / Addendums
Lift Stations 21 & 24 Bypass Pumping Improvements5-13-20ClewistonPlans
Tanglewood Force Main6/16/2020 2:30Lee County6/15/2020tech specs
schedule of values

Washington Park Sanitary Sewer ImprovementsMarch 20, 2020Moore Haven March 18, 2020Plans
Hanson Street SidewalkMay 21, 2020 City of Fort MyersMay 20, 2020 Bid Package
Wauchula Hills Phase 6Plans
Electrical Submittal Package
Winkler Rd Sidewalk and Water Main Project9/30/2019Lee County9/27/2019 2:00 PMSpecifications
Bid Schedule
Addendum #1
signalization Plans
Sidewalk and drainage plans
Hancock Bridge Parkway Sidewalk Improvements4/22/2020 2:30 PMLee County Procurement4/21/2020Water Main Plans
Sidewalk & Drainage plans
bid schedule
Cleveland GroveFt. MyersPlans